samedi 5 août 2017

Pics: Luv' @ Dicky Woodstock Popfestival

Yesterday, Luv' gave a flamboyant and glamorous show at the "Wit & Glitter" (white and glitter) party (as part of the 29th Dicky Woodstock Popfestival) in Steenwijkerwold, Netherlands. They shared the stage with André Hazes Jr., party band Glamourama and Gerard Joling

Luv' even posed with "Geerfor backstage photographs. The legendary pop star congratulated them. "Ladies you were wonderful...lovely to see you're still giving a fantastic performance!", he said. 

Luv' & Gerard Joling (photo courtesy of David Hay Gibson - photo editing by Co Rnz)

Luv' received a lot of applause throughout their gig. The crowd became ecstatic. 

The trio was very satisfied with the organization of the festival and their personal assistant David Hay Gibson. The ladies even had their own dressing room. 

Luv' & David

Source: Facebook, RTV Oost (Peter de Haan)

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