lundi 28 août 2017

Pics and videos: Luv' @ Yesterdayland

Yesterday, Luv' gave a tremendous performance at the "Op Volle Toeren" podium as part of the "Yesterdayland" festival at the Bobbejaanland theme park in Lichtaart, Belgium. 

This event was an ode to the music from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Yesterdayland took place on seven stages. In addition to Luv', other bands and singers were present: The Rubettes, Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder (formerly of BZN), Pussycat feat. Tony Willé, Johnny Logan, Clout, Ellen Foley, Frans Bauer, Vader Abraham.....

Many fans (young and old) posed for photographs with the ladies. 

After the show, the trio gave an interview on Flemish TV channel "VRT NWS". Click here to watch it (Luv' appear at 00.52). "The music is happy. Everybody knows the music. Everybody knows the dance routines....well actually the movements....The audience feels this happiness and we like it," Marga Scheide explained. "It goes on with young people. Because our music is played everywhere. So young people know it too. That's what we notice. This is very nice," José Hoebee added.

Luv' interviewed by VRT NWS

José expressed satisfaction on her Facebook page. "What a hot venue....I  sweated a lot...a lot of drops on my face...But it was very nice in Belgium....And what was really nicer was to meet a lot of old colleagues...Tony Willé who's singing alone as Pussycat....and even nicer....Cindy of Clout....We gave each other a big hug....We did a lot of TV shows with them in Germany...We had a nice talk...She's doing Clout on her own...apparently, she is allowed to do it...Tony and Cindy are the sound...Whereas the three of us are still together...we love it...we try to remain like that...Our dear David gave us refreshing wipes after the show....we carry on....", she wrote. 

Here are pictures of the show (courtesy of David Hay Gibson, Martin Vink and Gunther de Belie)

Luv' and their personal assistant David

Here's a video posted by on YouTube (Luv' appear at 3:35):

Another video of Luv' show posted by Gunther de Belie on Facebook:

Source: Facebook, VTM NWS

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