vendredi 18 août 2017

Luv' goes on!!!

Photo credit: Jean-Marc Koos

One year and a half after their comeback, the Luv' ladies want to go on. That's what José Hoebee confirmed in a message posted yesterday on her Facebook page. She named David Hay Gibson (their personal assistant) and the talent agency (Jan Vis) that arrange their bookings. 

Here's what she wrote:

"I've had a nice afternoon with my LUVers Ria and Marga. We've had a talk to evaluate our situation....That's what we do sometimes. It has to be done and it's good to do it. It appears that we like what we do and we want to carry on...Not only us....but also the people who enjoy our shows. We're very happy with that...Good people around us...Dear David....who takes care of a lot of things...Jan Vis talent agency ....We are in good company....Luv' is all...."

Source: Facebook

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