samedi 3 juin 2017

Luv's show @ Sluze Kermesse

Yesterday, Luv' gave a show at the Sluze Kermesse in Middelkerke, Belgium.

Here are pictures of their performance (courtesy of Guido de MeyerLuc Cassiman and David Hay Gibson and Martin Vink): 

Here are videos posted by Guido de Meyer on Facebook:

You're the Greatest Lover

Trojan Horse

Ooh, Yes I Do


In early April, the organizers of this event, Bart Vandekerkchove and Steve Lobbrecht, were interviewed by Flemish newspaper Het Laatse Nieuws (HLN). Click here to read the article. They were happy about the fact that Luv' were part of the line-up of the Sluze Kermesse

Bart Vandekerkchove and Steve Lobbrecht

Source: Facebook,

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