lundi 5 juin 2017

José and Anton discuss the latest details for Luv's 40th anniversary party!!

Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters, José Hoebee, Sophie van Genugten and Sanne Van Der Heijden

On July 9th, Luv's 40th anniversary party will be held at Quatre Bras in Best, NL (see article posted on April 11th, 2017). Earlier today, José Hoebee and Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters (of party band "Dutch Show Company") discuss the latest details for this great event with Sophie van Genugten and Sanne Van Der Heijden (of "Quatre Bras"). 

A photo moment with fans will be scheduled in a special room of the restaurant. The participants are asked to enter this room one by one or by group for a better organization. 

Source: Facebook

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