jeudi 18 mai 2017

Patty Brard in "Nieuwe revu": "Who does she think she is?"

The latest issue of Dutch magazine "Nieuwe Revu" features a portrait of Patty Brard entitled "Who does she think she is?". The article also includes the reactions of Luv' fan Peter Boonstra (who published Luv's photo book which was banned soon after its release in 2015), her ex-colleague José Hoebee (who appears in a photo taken by Marco Rens) and Bart Ettekoven (editor-in-chief of Weekend magazine). 

Click on the image to enlarge it (scan by Marco Rens)

Patty Brard has been active for 40 years. She started her career with Luv' in 1977. In September she will leave "Shownieuws" (SBS 6's entertainment news show which features her as an expert). Recently, she has settled down in Ibiza.

Nieuwe Revu explains that La Brard is necessary for Dutch showbiz like Gerard Joling, Gordon and Connie Breukhoven (aka Vanessa). Her private life has been exposed in the media since her debut. Her weddings, her love affairs and break-ups (including Ron Brandsteder, Carlo Nasi, Gert Berg, Hans van Hemert, Eric Peute, René Muthert....) have been largely discussed in the tabloid press. Her ups and downs (including her resounding bankrupcy in 1993) have always caused a sensation. Her numerous feuds with fellow celebrities (Patricia Paay, Peter R. de Vries, José Hoebee, Ajouad El Miloudi, Sophie Hilbrand, Chazia Mourali...) have often been discussed. 

Nieuwe Revu insists on the fact that Patty is self-centered.

Here's what Peter Boonstra said about her:

"Because I was a fan of Luv' I wanted to celebrate them with a book due to the million records they sold and their fame. Marga Scheide, José Hoebee and Patty Brard were very positive about this project. Suddenly Patty didn't want to collaborate but I didn't need her approval to publish this book. Her mails became more and more violent. Finally she persuased photographers (who first gave me their permission) to withdraw from this project. To sum up: the book was banned and I was described as an amateur who was not business-minded. I regretted her reaction. She should have seen it as a tribute. The publication of this book was the best moment of 2015 but also the saddest event of that year afterwards. It's a pity that Patty destroyed my efforts. She always wants to be in the spotlight and when it doesn't happen she doesn't like it. She says that she goes to Ibiza because her husband is busy there. I think she decided it because she has less activities here. I cannot take her seriously because of appearance. There's nothing left from the beautiful woman she used to be 30 or 40 years ago."

Here's how José expressed her point of view on her former Luv' partner:

"Patty, Marga and me had a specific role in Luv'. Marga was the beautiful blonde doll. Patty was an exotic beauty and I was the girl next door. The three of us were equally important. But then she started to be selfish as if she was the leader of Luv'. Of course she wasn't. We were an entity. We couldn't stand her behaviour. Our performances became more and more the Patty Brard show. However Patty played a huge part in my past with Luv' and we really enjoyed it. Although we are not on speaking terms anymore I don't want to be negative about her. She welcomed me in Ibiza and was kind to me after the death of my husband. Deep in her heart Patty is a good person. Unfortunately she said terrible things about me and she vetoed the amazing Luv' book. What a pity how it ended. Now we are performing with Ria Thielsch and we are going to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Will Patty attend the party? Everybody with good intentions is welcome."

Source: Facebook (Marco Rens), Nieuwe Revu

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