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Luv' & O'G3NE: two generations of Dutch girl groups

Luv' & O'G3NE backstage at "Ladies Day" in Hellevoetsluis, NL on August 13th, 2016

Dutch girl group O'G3NE are representing the Netherlands at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine. Tomorrow they will will participate in the second semi-final with their song "Lights and Shadows" (which peaked at #53 on the Dutch Single Top 100 in March and reached more than 1 million streams on several online music services (Deezer, Spotify, etc...). Let's cross the fingers that they will go through to the final.

Official music video for Lights and Shadows by O'G3NE

Three Dutch glamourous girls singing in immediately reminds us of Luv'
But the comparison is not really perfect. O'G3NE are real sisters whereas Luv' are a manufactured girl group. O'G3NE songs are more adult contemporary oriented than Luv' classic hits. O'G3NE members are real vocalists whereas Luv' features one real singer (José Hoebee) who recorded the majority of vocal lines in the studio. To this day, O'G3NE haven't reached international success whereas Luv' were popular in a dozen countries in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

Last Summer, O'G3NE shared the stage with Luv' at the Zomeravond Spektakel in Etten-Leur and at the Ladies Day festival in Hellevoetsluis (see news posted on August 15th, 2016). 

José Hoebee and Marga Scheide expressed admiration for the three singing sisters on several occasions. 

On May 2nd, José wrote this message on her Facebook page:
"So proud of these girls....I don't follow the song contest...Except Ilse and Waylon because I really liked what they did...But I stop following it when the Netherlands are eliminated...The rest is not interesting....But these girls....a dark haired, a blonde and a light redhead...I've seen it before....They're so good....Go O'G3NE....Give' m hell..."

On May 20th, O'G3NE and Luv' will be performing for the reopening of the shopping center "De Els" in Waalwijk, NL

Talented Luv' fan René van Ooijen made a montage that shows the link between the two female pop trios. His inspiration was the front cover of Luv's #1 hit single "Trojan Horse":

Source: Facebook,, Metro...

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