mardi 23 mai 2017

Luv' @ De Els Waalwijk (Part 2)

Three days ago, Luv' gave a show for the reopening party of shopping center "De Els" in Walwijk, NL (see previous post). 

Other pictures and videos have surfaced on internet. 

The female pop trio posed for a photo with the organizers of the event: Ger Valkenburg and his partner Dyon Haagenaars (of DC Models).

The funny interview of John Vermeer (aka Mr. Hullie Gullie) with the ladies on his TV show "Gaat U Mee TV" was posted on YouTube:

YouTube videos: 


My Number One (source: Nederpop80)

U.O.Me (credits: Nederpop80)

Trojan Horse (source: Nederpop80)

Welcome To My Party (source: Nederpop80)

Here are nice pictures (courtesy of Co Rnz, Jennifer Bostelaar and Karin Angeleyes, Foto van Stek): 

Source: Facebook, YouTube

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