samedi 29 avril 2017

Luv' celebrate King's Day (Koningsdag) in Arnhem!!

Photo courtesy of Jos Theuns

On April 27th, Luv' gave a performance on the Jansplein in Arnhem as part of the Pink Square party which coincided with Koningsdag (King's day, the national holiday in honor of King Willem-Alexander). 

Thousands of people enjoyed the show and sang along to the trio's hits. "We've been busy for 40 years. I feel like I was 41 years old," Marga Scheide told the audience between two songs. 

Click here to read an article (about this live show) posted on the website of Dutch newspaper "De Gelderlander". 

This event was organized by Ron Klop (owner of Café Colours) who expressed satisfaction about this party and even posed with the ladies for a photograph.

Luv' & Ron Klop

Prior to the performance, Facebook friend David Hay Gibson took this beautiful backstage picture:

Here's a video of Luv' singing "U.O.Me":

Source: Facebook, De Gelderlander

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