lundi 13 février 2017

Patty Brard: latest news

* On February 4th, Irene Moors' talk show "Naar bed met Irene" featured Patty Brard as a guest on SBS 6. The program attracted 388.000 viewers (market share: 9%). One of the most emotional moment of the TV show was the rendition of the R&B classic "You To Me Are Everything" by Dutch vocal group Re-Play. This song was originally recorded by British band The Real Thing in 1976 and was the favourite song of Robert (Patty's brother who died in 2004). This performance made the diva burst into tears. 

Kees Tol, Patty Brard & Irene Moors on "Naar Bed Met Irene" 

Source: SBS 6, SKO

* Recently Dutch newspaper Volkskrant praised Patty's advice column in Weekend magazine. 

Source: Volkskrant, @Topics_NL (Twitter),

* Pat's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. Click here to read it.

Source: Weekend

* On February 8th, the 11.00 pm edition of "Shownieuws" featured Patty Brard and Kees Tol. SBS 6's entertainment news show drew 829.000 viewers (market share: 21.6%).

Source: SBS 6, SKO, Patty Brard on social media

* On February 8th, "Wat Zijn Ze Lekker" by Roy Donders and Patty Brard peaked at number 3 on the Netherlands #iTunes Top 100. Currently, the song is at #21.

Source: iTunes

* On March 8th, the former Luv' singer and her colleagues (Lucille Werner, André van der Toorn, Rob Geus and Kees Tolwill appear live on "De Stem van Nederland", a program on SBS 6 related to the forthcoming general elections in the Netherlands (whose aim is to elect the members of the House of Representatives). The show will be presented by Sandra Schuurhof, Marlayne Sahupala and Selma van Dijk. The celebrities will discuss several subjects. Patty will talk about health care.

Source: SBS 6, Privé/De Telegraaf,

* Last week, La Brard, Richard Groenendijk, Alexander Pechtold and Pia Dijkstra took part in the taping of BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Quickest Quiz" (hosted by Jan Versteegh).

Alexander Pechtold, Pia Dijkstra, Patty Brard & Richard Groenendijk & Jan Versteegh on "Quickest Quiz"

Source: Patty Brard on Instagram

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