mardi 3 janvier 2017

Patty Brard strikes back against Peter R. De Vries

Peter R. De Vries and Patty Brard on "MindMasters Live" (November 2015)

Yesterday, an interview with Dutch investigative journalist and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries was posted on the website of newspaper "AD". When asked with whom he wouldn't be locked up for 24 hours, he answered: "Patty Brard. She's a horrible person".

In response to this remark, the SBS 6 diva posted a picture of an ugly llama on Instagram. She rapidly deleted this photo.

The two celebrities are not in good terms. Last year, they took part in SBS 6's show "MindMasters Live". Patty didn't appreciate Peter's presence on the TV program and described him as someone "negative, unprofessional, arrogant and horrible" in her column for Weekend magazine (see news posted on December 2nd, 2015). 

The journalist reacted to Patty's comments on RTL Boulevard (see news posted on December 4th, 2015). "I was touched. I'm on Miss Brard's blacklist," he said sarcastically. "The feature of MindMasters is to let people see things that don't exist. Patty is very good at it. Look, I was myself there and I worked well with everybody. I haven't read the column. I never read Weekend." he added. 

Source: AD, De Telegraaf...

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