samedi 7 janvier 2017

Luv's photonovel: latest episode

On January 3rd, the latest episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on Facebook.

Here's a translation in English:

Of course, sometimes it happens that you sing "The Greatest Loser" instead of "The Greatest Lover" but when our Brabantian nightingale kept on singing "The Horny Horse" instead of "The Trojan Horse", it was time for a girl's talk.....

The three of them were looking for a solution....

José: What's going on? What were we talking about?
Marga: Everything's gonna be all right See. It happens to everyone.

Ria immediately saw the positive aspects of this situation...

Ria: Isn't it great? So everyday the same paper boy looks like he's another hunk!

Marga grasped the nettle and took a great decision

Marga: You're working too hard See! You've just moved, answered all the fanmail, organized the Luv' fan club meetings and you have to take your dog for walks....

One moment of reflection

José: Toontje? Who is that?
Ria: Your dog...don't you remember? You got him from a handsome man

Toontje: Well..isn't it silly? Who's Toontje? 

A little rest is highly recommended

Ria: Wanna eat See?
Marga: Wanna drink Se"?

The end

José: Hehe, it's gonna make me feel better....I can read what I said actually in my interview...
Parrot: Pff...What a drama! I've been singing for 150 years!

Source: Luv' official Facebook Page

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