samedi 7 janvier 2017

Patty afraid in Sri Lanka

In late 2016, Patty Brard and comedian Richard Groenendijk travelled to Sri Lanka to tape the BNN/NPO 3's program "De gevaarlijkste wegen van de wereld" (the most dangerous roads of the world). Recently the diva told newspaper De Telegraaf that this experience was scary. "Richard called me a screaming circus artist. There was a doctor in case of emergencies but I found out by chance he was there after five days. I asked: "What can he do if we fall in a ravine?" "We will call a helicopter" was the answer. Yes to pick up everything together."

Patty was so afraid that she wanted to stop the program. "I even called Antoine to ask him if he could take me home," she said. Now the ex-Luv' singer can laugh about it. "We were very hysterical," she added. 

Source: De Telegraaf, FOK!nieuws

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