dimanche 11 décembre 2016

Pics and video: Luv' @ Mega Piraten Festijn

Yesterday, Luv' performed at the "Mega Piraten Festijn" at the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem, NL. The show drew an audience of 40.000 and was broadcast live on RadioNLThe ladies sang their two greatest hits "Trojan Horse" and "You're the Greatest Lover". After their performance, the trio was interviewed backstage by RadioNL. "We're very happy about our comeback," José Hoebee said. "We're surprised that we are booked for very big shows. We still love what we do. It's so fun to see so many people," Marga Scheide explained. "I like when people dance to our music," Ria Thielsch added. When asked what was the motivation of their reunion, Marga and José answered that they did it for fun and that they were asked to do it. They wished the listeners of RadioNL happy holidays. 

Here's a video of their performance:

Pictures have been posted on Facebook.
  • Photos by RadioNL:

  • Photos by Mega Piraten Festijn:

  • Backstage photo on Luv's Official Facebook page (courtesy of Co Rnz):

Source: Facebook, YouTube, RadioNL...

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