vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Patty Brard: The "all-round" TV personality in De Telegraaf

Today's edition of Dutch most-read newspaper De Telegraaf features an article about celebrities who took part in talent shows. Patty Brard is a shining example of this kind of personalities. Her participation in the figure skating competition "Sterren dansen op het ijs" (2007) and the diving competition "Sterren Springen" (Celebrity Splash) on SBS 6 boosted her TV career. She also appeared as a regular guest on SBS 6's paranormal talent show "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" between 2008 and 2010 as well as on "MindMasters Live" in 2015. Soon Comedy Central will broadcast an episode of "Celebrity Stand-up", a new program in which La Brard will show her stand-up skills.

In 2007 Patty caused a sensation on "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs"

Patty on MindMasters Live (2015)

Source: De Telegraaf

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