samedi 1 octobre 2016

Luv' in the "Gazet van Antwerpen"

Yesterday's edition of the Flemish newspaper "Gazet van Antwerpen" features an article about Luv' in its "Agenda" supplement (due to their performance at the Studio 54 show in Antwerp, Belgium tonight). Indeed the ladies share the stage of the Antwerps Sportpaleis with the iconic funk band "Earth, Wind & Fire Experience feat. Al McKay", Belgian Dance-pop singer "Kate Ryan", the legendary R&B and house songstress "Jocelyn Brown" and "DJ Ward" (see news posted on May 24th, 2016).

The Luv' singers are presented as the "precursors of Dutch-Flemish girl group K3" by the Gazet. Their pop music has often been criticized. "But forty years after our debut, Luv' still exist, we still perform on stage and on Saturday we will be singing at the Sportpaleis before thousands of party people. So we are not that bad," Marga Scheide said.

The blonde Luv' lady also talked about the group's heyday: "We performed all over Europe. One day we were asked to go to Mexico. So we took the Concorde to fly there. When we arrived at the airport lots of people were waiting for us and we didn't know what would happen. After we landed in a German aerodrome, three limousines were there for us. At the hotel a Luv' flag was hanging. In some places we were treated like international stars but it was not like that everywhere. From Germany we flew to Switzerland where an orange Volkswagen bus came to pick us up. It made us giggle. It was part of our success. We were amused and we enjoyed every moment. We looked very sexy and our music was very accessible. People appreciated our songs. We attracted a huge public. Kids and adults liked us. Our tracks were often underestimated. ABBA were popular at the same period and they were also ridiculed but now they are highly respected."

It's not the first time that Luv' sing in Antwerp. "I like to come here. We already performed at the Studio 54 show at Red & Blue. It's amazing to be part of a great event at the Sportpaleis. We've often heard of it. We are very surprised about it," Marga added.


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