jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Patty's latest news

Bonje met de buren (third season), Catherine Keyl's column about La Brard, Ajouad El Miloudi about the Patty-gate on "Pauw", Bolderpop, Patty's column about Mark Rutte, New version of "RTL Boulevard"

* Yesterday saw the start of the third season of SBS 6's reality show "Bonje met de buren" (featuring Patty Brard and Jochem van Gelder who try to solve problems between neighbours). The TV program drew 605.000 viewers (market share: 11%). #Bonjemetdeburen was a trending topic on Twitter. 

Patty & Jochem: the golden duo of "Bonje met de buren"

Here's an excerpt from "Bonje met de buren":

Source: SBS 6, SKO

* Recently, Dutch TV personality Catherine Keyl posted a column about Patty Brard in the "Vrouw" section (dealing with women's issues) of the website of "De Telegraaf". She was shocked by a video of a famous stand-up comedian who told that "it was pitty that Patty didn't die during the celebrity diving competition "Sterren Springen". Click here to read the column. 

Source: Vrouw

* Yesterday, Dutch-Moroccan TV host Ajouad El Miloudi appeared on NPO 1/VARA's talk show "Pauw". He mentioned the tensions between Miss Brard and him during the taping of BNN's panel game "Ranking the Stars" (see news posted on August 26th, 2016). Click here to watch the interview. 

Source: HP/De Tijd, NPO 1/VARA

* Patty will be performing at Bolderpop, a festival for people suffering from intellectual disability at Active Partyworld (a venue in Druten, NL) on October 16th. Click here for details. 

Source: De Gelderlander, Stichting Bolderpop

* Patty's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. Click here to read it. 

Source: Weekend

* Recently, RTL 4's entertainment news show "RTL Boulevard" has undergone several transformations. Showbiz expert Albert Verlinde left the program last week and Luuk Ikink is the new anchor. In addition to typical showbiz news, the renewed version of the TV program deals with other subjects (including lifestyle). Patty seems sceptical about the new formula of "Boulevard". That's what she told Weekend magazine. "I wish them good luck but I remember how hard it was when we combined "Shownieuws" and "Show Vandaag". We discussed other issues than entertainment," she said. Three years ago, SBS 6 launched "Show Vandaag" which aired daily from 5.30 P.M to 6.30 P.M but the program flopped (see news posted on October 22nd, 2013) and was eventually withdrawn from schedule. 

Source: Weekend,

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