jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Luv's photonovel: episode 5

On August 30th, the 5th episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on the group's official Facebook page. My FB friend Ger Valkenburg and Dyon Hagenaars (who hosted recently an event in Etten-Leur featuring the ladies) appear in this story. 

Here's the translation in English for non-Dutch fans:

Women's magazine "Libelle" organized a contest and asked their readers to describe "the man of their dreams in the sexiest way". The editorial staff was obliged to take a week off in order to recover because of Ria's text....Of course she won the first prize: a meet and greet with Chippendales!!!

Walter (Luv's manager): "What? She refused to get out of the dressing room? We're coming..."

Walter: "José, We're needed...Fill up the gas tank...I'm busy!"

José: "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo"

José: "Well....gas is gas and this one is the must be a special offer"

Marga: "Come on, I'm going to drive....then we're going three times faster!"

Mechanic: Well....three times faster and then 17 times slower...
Marga: OK I was driving 275 km/h. Are you pumping up the motor?....

Mechanic: "No missus...there's diesel in the tank!

José: "Yes, hey hey! Diesel was much cheaper and I thought: "We're going to save some money for a drink!"

Walter: "Grrr...I'd better put diesel into her white wine!"

To Ria, this delay didn't last too long
Ria: "What a pity for my colleagues...but I'm staying here!"

Dyon Hagenaars: Is she still in the toilet?
Ger Valkenburg: Yes who wouldn't? Well, she's too naughty 

Source: Luv's Official Facebook Page

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