mercredi 17 août 2016

Ranking the Stars: tensions between Patty Brard and Ajouad El Miloudi

Ajouad, Paul & Patty on "Ranking the Stars"

On August 14th, BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw) drew 355.000 viewers (market share: 6.2%). Patty Brard is a regular candidate on this program. There were tensions between the ex-Luv' singer and media personality Ajouad El Miloudi. When asked "which celebrity deserves a street named after him/her?", Ajouad ranked Patty the last telling that "she did not mean anything for society and that she did not deserve to be honoured". TV presenter Bridget Maasland and comedian Richard Groenendijk came to Patty's rescue and defended her. They told that she meant something for the Dutch LGBT community. In response to Ajouad's attack, the diva said that she didn't want to react whereas the look of her eyes told the contrary.

La Brard called El Miloudi a "brat" in a recent column published in Weekend magazine (click here to read it). 

Though the game show was not a huge success, Twitter was in shock. This incident was a trending topic. 

Click here to watch "Ranking the Stars".

Source: BNN/NPO 3, SKO, Televizier, RTL Nieuws, Linda Nieuws...

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