lundi 15 août 2016

Latest episode of Luv's photonovel

On August 12th, the latest episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on their official Facebook Page. Here's a translation in English for the non-Dutch fans:

The barrage of questions about Luv's performances could not be stopped....All their hits came back to them like in their best years. It's nice that all the lyrics can be dreamed.....isn't it, José?

Will you stop reading novels Sé, it's almost showtime!

Ria (in ecstasy over the sound engineer) thinks: How can she read with that hunk in the room?

José in panic: Yes, wait a bit, it's about the lyrics of "You're the Greatest Lover"...I can't remember them!

Marga and Ria (astonished together): OK then, which lyrics?

José aggrieved as she read:'s impossible, how do you remember it?

Marga & Ria amazed with their arms in the air. Marga: Well, we use you as a mnemonic device (Dutch play on words about ezelsbrug (EZEL means donkey, Marga insinuates José is dumb)

To see more news, visit Luv's Official Facebook Page:

Source: Facebook

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