vendredi 17 juin 2016

Luv' in Privé magazine: memories of ABBA

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Privé" features an article about Stany van Wijmeersch's book "We All Love ABBA". Recently, the Luv' ladies took part in the release party of this publication (see news posted on May 27th, 2016). In addition to other Dutch celebrities (Mies Bouwman, Joost Timp and Lone van Roosendaal), they were interviewed by Stany for his book to tell their memories of the legendary Swedish pop group. That's why Luv' appear in the article published by Privé.

Click here to order a copy of "We All Love ABBA". 

Source: Martin Vink, Facebook (Stany van Wijmeersch) 

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