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Luv' Awards and Silver/Gold/Platinum records

Luv' Gold and Platinum records in Marga Scheide's house

Number of silver records: 1 album
Number of gold records: 9 (6 singles, 3 albums)
Number of platinum records: 5 (2 singles, 2 albums, 1 CD/DVD)
2 Veronica Awards
1 Conamus Export Award

Patty Brard's auction catalogue mentioning Luv's gold and platinum records (March 1994)



With Luv': Gold album (1978)

Luv' receiving gold records for "You're the Greatest Lover" and "With Luv" on November 13th, 1978

  • You're the Greatest Lover: Gold single (100.000 copies)
  • With Luv': Gold album (50.000 copies)

Luv' receiving their Veronica Awards (Countdown '78) - December 1978

  • Veronica Top 40 Awards for reaching the number one position on the Dutch Top 40 with the singles "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse"


Luv' receiving gold and platinum awards for "The Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse" - May 1979

  • You're the Greatest Lover: Platinum single (150.000 copies)
  • Trojan Horse: Gold single (100.000 copies)
  • Trojan Horse: Platinum single (200.000 copies)

With Luv': Platinum album (1979)
  • With Luv': Platinum album (100.000 copies)
  • Lots of Luv': Gold album (50.000 copies)
  • Lots of Luv': Platinum album (100.000 copies)

  • Conamus Export Award for being the best selling Dutch recording act (sales of 2.5 million records outside of the Netherlands in 1979)

Luv' posing with their Conamus Awards


  • True Luv': Gold album (50.000 copies)

  • Toppers in Concert 2006: Platinum CD/DVD (50.000 copies)
Luv' receiving a platinum award for "Toppers in Concert 2006" - February 2007



Luv' receiving a gold record for "You're the Greatest Lover" on Musikladen (Germany) in March 1979

  • You're the Greatest Lover: Gold single (500.000 copies)



  • Trojan Horse: Gold single (100.000 copies)



  • Trojan Horse: Gold single (50.000 copies)


Luv' receiving a Silver award for With Luv


  • With Luv': Silver album (25.000 copies)


Luv' with their manager Pim ter Linde, record executive Bart van der Laar and the director of Discos Musart receiving gold records for True Luv' and Si, Que Si in Mexico - May 1980


  • Si, Que Si (Ooh, Yes I Do): Gold single 

Source: NVPI, IFPI, Phonogram, Carrere

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