jeudi 19 mai 2016

Patty on Carlo's TV Café

On May 15th, Patty Brard appeared as a guest on "Carlo's TV Café" (RTL 4's talk show hosted by Carlo Boszhard). The diva discussed several subjects. She talked about the latest Eurovision Song Contest and said she was a huge fan of Douwe Bob (who represented the Netherlands and finished 11th). She also presented her corrective underwear line named "Patty's Sexy Correctie" (see news posted on April 21st, 2016). Moreover, she explained her latest TV project with Bridget Maasland based on the "six degrees of separation" theory which says that all the humans are six or fewer steps away from each other (see news posted on April 30th, 2016). She compared this experience with Bridget with an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous". Finally, the former Luv' singer told that she appreciated her work as a panellist on SBS 6's comedy panel game show "Met de deur in huis". 

Carlo's TV Café attracted 488.000 viewers (market share: 12.2%).

Click here to watch the show.

Source: RTL 4, SKO

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