dimanche 15 mai 2016

Hans van Hemert on "Tijd voor MAX Radio"

Elles de Bruin, Hans van Hemert & Henkjan Smits

On May 9th, Luv' creator Hans van Hemert was interviewed by Elles de Bruin and Henkjan Smits on their show "Tijd voor MAX Radio" on NPO Radio 5. The legendary producer discussed the Eurovision Song Contest. The Maestro wrote three songs for the music competition: "Als het om de liefde gaat" by Sandra & Andres (#4 in 1972), "I See A Star" by Mouth & MacNeal (#3 in 1974) and "The Party's Over" by Sandra Reemer (#9 in 1976).

According to Van Hemert, the ingredients for a good Eurovision song is a catchy melody, emotion (to give goosebumps) and the visual aspect. He also gave his opinion on "Slow Down" (Douwe Bob's song which represented the Netherlands at the latest ESC and finished 11th). "This track is good for a pop-rock band (like the ones I produced in the past (including Q65) but it is not the best option for this contest," he said. However, as a fervent supporter of his country, he wished Douwe all the best (the radio program aired before the broadcast of the ESC). He also told anecdotes about the artists he worked with.

To listen to the interview with Hans van Hemert: click here (then click on "Tijd voor MAX Radio")

Source: NPO Radio 5

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