lundi 18 avril 2016

Patty in Story: "I wish Luv' good luck!"

The latest issue of Story magazine features an article about Patty Brard who wishes her ex-Luv' colleagues good luck with their future plans. The SBS 6 diva is not part of the current comeback. However, Ria Thielsch (who already replaced her in 1980) is involved in the trio's resurrection.

"Everybody thinks that I'm angry with Marga and José. I have no hard feelings," Patty says. "I think it's great that Luv' are making a comeback even if they do it without me. I can't blame Marga and José for that. Four years ago, when Marga chose to disband the group, I decided that I would never be part of Luv' again. Now I wish them good luck. I even invited Marga, José and Ria on "Thuis op zondag" (the talk show I co-host with Kim-Lian van der Meij) to tell their story. But they refused it. It could have been great publicity for them. I don't understand why they are so negative. Of course some things happened between us in the past. But the good thing when you get older is that you also become wiser," she adds.  

In her interview, Miss Brard does not mention the real reason of Luv's refusal to appear on her TV program and their intention to avoid her. Last year, the feud over Luv's photo book caused so much pain between the ladies (see news posted on June 11th, 2015).

Source: Story, Facebook (Co Rnz)

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