jeudi 19 novembre 2015

Patty Brard in the jury of "Mindmasters Live"

Earlier today, several Dutch websites (including and revealed that Patty Brard would be a member of the jury of SBS 6's talent show "Mindmasters Live". She will have to judge the acts of 16 mentalists from the teams of Walter Rolfo and Uri Geller. The other judges are Dutch celebrities: Lisa Michels (finalist of K3 zoekt K3), Jochem van Gelder (Patty's colleague on "Bonje Met Buren"), Monique Smit, Wolter Kroes, Boer Geert, Sabia Engizek, Peter R. de Vries, Kay Nambiar and Patricia Paay.

The TV program will air tomorrow live on SBS 6 at 8.30 PM.

The winner of "Mindmasters Live" will be performing at the "Festival of Magic" in Saint Vincent in Italy.

Between 2008 and 2010, La Brard appeared on the high-rated paranormal talent show "De Nieuwe Uri Geller". 

The press presentation of "Mindmasters Live" took place earlier today. Patty posted pictures of the event on Instagram:

Patty Brard and Uri Geller

Walter Rolfo, Patty Brard, Wolter Kroes and Uri Geller

Source: De Telegraaf,, Patty Brard on Twitter and Instagram

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