mardi 15 septembre 2015

Patty ready for a third season of "Bonje met de buren"!

Patty Brard is going to tape a third season of the reality show "Bonje met de buren" (Trouble with the neighbours) with Jochem van Gelder on SBS 6. That's what she announced recently on Facebook

Patty and Jochem join forces to solve problems between neighbours. Initially, John Williams and Natasja Froger presented the program on RTL 4 between 2010 and 2012. At the time, each episodes of "Bonje" averaged 1.2 million viewers.

2014 saw the comeback of the TV program (produced by Talpa) on SBS 6 with Patty and Jochem. Dutch media specialists expected a flop. Against all the odds, Miss Brard's version of "Bonje" was quiet successful and averaged 750.000 viewers.

If you are experiencing troubles with your neighbours (somewhere in the Netherlands) and if you want to overcome them, you can take part in "Bonje met de buren". Click here to register.

Source: Patty Brard's Facebook Page, SBS 6

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