dimanche 2 août 2015

Patty happy with Viktor's comeback on "Shownieuws"

Patty Brard & Viktor Brand

Between 2007 and 2011, Patty Brard and Viktor Brand co-presented "Shownieuws" (the entertainment news show on SBS 6). The two TV personalities also became friends. In May 2011, Patty was dismissed from the popular TV program. The following year, the same thing happened to Viktor.

January 2013 saw Miss Brard's comeback on "Shownieuws" as an "expert". Since then, the diva has often appeared on the program next to the main anchors. 

Recently, SBS 6 announced the return of Viktor on "Shownieuws". Patty expressed satisfaction in a message posted on July 25th on Facebook. "I'm so happy about this news. Viktor Brand is back on Shownieuws on September 4th. He will be presenting the entertainment news as the main anchor every Friday. I'm longing for this moment," she wrote. 

Source: Patty Brard's Facebook Page, Mediacourant.nl

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