dimanche 16 août 2015

Patty under pressure on "Bonje met de buren"

Jochem & Patty on "Bonje met de buren"

In addition to "Shownieuws" on SBS 6, Patty Brard is also involved in "Bonje met de buren", a program (she co-hosts with Jochem van Gelder) in which problems between neighbours are solved. In a recent interview published in Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party", the diva told that the taping of this program was very demanding. 

"I can't forget things I've seen or heard after everything is done. When I come back home, I keep on thinking about these stories. Then I have to rest for a day and no-one is allowed to talk to me. It costs so much energy to change something negative into positive vibes," she said. 

Fortunately, the former Luv' singer often goes to her masseur, drinks juices and healthy smoothies at the "Cold Pressed Juicery" in Amsterdam and goes to her favourite gym "3sixty5" to recharge her batteries.

Source: Party, Mediacourant.nl

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