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Luv', José and Patty on "AVRO's TopPop"

In the 1970s and 1980s, UK had "Top of the Pops", Germany had "Musikladen" and "Disco", France had "Top Club", Spain had "Aplauso" and Italy had "Discoring".....Every Pop and Disco artist who wanted to achieve a breakthrough had to perform on these popular TV shows. 

In the Netherlands, "AVRO's TopPop" was THE most influential music program. Of course, Luv' often appeared on this show. When Patty Brard and José Hoebee went solo, they sang on "TopPop".

Here are YouTube videos of their performances:

I) Luv'

Broadcast date: February 18th, 1978

You're the Greatest Lover
Broadcast date: October 21st, 1978

Trojan Horse
Broadcast date: December 1978

Broadcast date: April 21st, 1979

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
Broadcast date: August 1979

Ooh, Yes I Do
Broadcast date: November 17th, 1979

My Number One
Broadcast date: October 1980

II) Patty Brard

Hold On To Love
Broadcast date: February 28th, 1981

Samba Man
Broadcast date: June 1st, 1981

You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart
Broadcast date: Januray 29th, 1983

III) José Hoebee

I Will Follow Him
Broadcast date: June 5th, 1982

The Good Times
Broadcast date: December 5th, 1982

I Can Hear Music
Broadcast date: March 5th, 1983

Time Goes By
Broadcast date: April 21st, 1984

Source: TopPop's YouTube channel

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