samedi 30 mai 2015

Willem Jan van de Wetering receives a copy of "The Story Of Luv"

On May 28th, Peter Boonstra gave a copy of his book "The Story of Luv" to Willem Jan van de Wetering (former general  manager of the Dutch subsidiary of Carrere Records). José Hoebee and Hans van Hemert were also present. Van de Wetering wrote the foreword of the book. He has a special relationship with Luv'. First he followed the ladies as a journalist of teen magazine "Hitkrant" in the late 1970s. Then he released "Tingalingaling" with the pop trio in 1981 (see Chapter V of the bio). He later put out José's #1 hit "I Will Follow Him". Now he is a personal development coach. 

Hans van Hmert, José Hoebee & Willem Jan Van de Wetering

Hans van Hemert, Willem Jan Van de Wetering & Peter Boonstra

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