dimanche 31 mai 2015

"Ranking the Stars" winning formula: fun, buzz and crazy revelations

The celebrities of the 2015 season of "Ranking the Stars": Richard Groenendijk, Cor Bakker, Leonie ter Braak, Patty Brard, Anny schilder, Paul de Leeuw, Tim Den Besten, Sander Lantinga, Lucille Werner, Monique Smit and Hans Klok.

TV personality Paul de Leeuw has been hosting the panel game "Ranking the Stars" since 2006. Patty Brard has often appeared on the program (see news posted on May 16th, 2015). Recently, the diva posted some backstage pics with other candidates on social media:

In order to keep the viewers' attention and to get publicity in the media, the production of the game show has to create a buzz and let the contestants revealed details of their private lives. Recently, celebrity gossip sites mentioned a funny story about Dutch illusionist Hans Klok during the latest taping. Klok told Paul de Leeuw that he had sex with pop star Gerard Joling (who was not present). Then Patty said that she had Gerard's phone number to check this information. Paul immediately called "Geer" with Patty's mobile phone and asked him if he would like to date Hans again. The leading member of De Toppers answered: "I taught Hans the greatest tricks! It should be easy to do it again." 

The new season of "Ranking the Stars" starts on July 12th on BNN/NPO 3.

Source: BNN, Facebook, De Telegraaf, Televizier, Patty Brard's Twitter account...

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