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This is True Luv': 35th anniversary

35 years ago, on March 28th, 1980, Dutch channel NCRV aired a 25-minute special entitled
"This is True Luv'" (named after the group's third album). Because only two networks existed in the Netherlands at this time, Luv's exposure on TV was huge.

TROS had already broadcast two previous specials in 1978 (see article posted on November 19th, 2013) and 1979 (see article posted on july 13th, 2014). The girls were under contract to Phonogram/Philips Records back then. In October 1979, the trio signed a lucrative record deal with CNR/Carrere Records. Their strategy was to conquer the Latin American mark. Their hit single "Si Que Si (Ooh, Yes I Do)" was certified gold in Mexico.

The ladies performed eight songs on the "True Luv" show (Wine, Women and Song; Boys Goodnight; Ooh, Yes I Do; Rhythm 'n Shoes; Ann-Maria; My Guy; Getaway; Let There Be Love). 

The music program was taped in Benidorm, Spain. It was directed by Henny Budie and produced by John de Mol (founder of Endemol). During the taping of the show, Patty Brard (who was married to TV star Ron Brandsteder) had an affair with Budie and Marga Scheide fell in love with De Mol. Shortly afterwards, Patty and Ron were getting a divorce. Marga left her fiancé Peter Smithuis and was romantically involved with John. These stories hit the headlines of Holland's most popular newspaper, De Telegraaf. In 2004, José Hoebee mentioned these events in her now defunct column and considers "True Luv" as their best special.

In 2006, "This is True Luv" appeared on the DVD "Back In Luv".

Press clipping about Luv's NCRV TV special


Wine, women and song

Boys Goodnight

Rhythm 'n Shoes



Let There Be Love

Source: Historische kranten, YouTube

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