jeudi 26 mars 2015

Pat's column about "Supernanny" Jo Frost

The latest column written by Patty Brard for Weekend magazine deals with Jo Frost (an English television personality, who took advantage of her 15-year-experience as a nanny for the reality television program "Supernanny" on Channel 4). The diva is a fan of Jo's methods. Patty explained that in the 1980s when she lived in Los Angeles, CA she recruited two English nannies (Haley and Barbara) for her daughter Priscilla.

Click here to read the column.

Currently, Dutch TV channel RTL 4 airs "Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour". The program draws an average audience of 1.2 million viewers (markets share: 16%). These viewing figures are quite good for commercial TV in Holland.

Source: Weekend

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