lundi 9 février 2015

Patty's strange farewell to her father

The February 6th edition of "Privé/De Telegraaf" featured an article about the strange farewell of Patty Brard to her father who died last week (see news posted on February 5th, 2015). The SBS 6 star did not attend the funeral. This sad experience did not bring the diva and her daughter Priscilla closer together.

Patty and Priscilla Nasi in 2003 during "Patty's Posse" era. Mother and daughter have not been on speaking terms since 2009.

Moreover, Patty (who uses the social networks daily) has remained silent about this unhappy event. She has just shared a video of "Tell me there's a heaven" by Chris Rea.

Source: Privé/De Telegraaf

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