dimanche 22 février 2015

Patty Brard on "superfood and ageing" in LINDA.

The latest issue of Dutch women's magazine "LINDA." features an interview and a photo shoot with Patty Brard and TV personality and journalist Teun van de Keuken. The two celebrities discuss superfood (incuding chia seeds) and ageing.

Patty Brard & Teun van de Keuken in LINDA

Patty will celebrate her 60th birthday on March 25th. She tells LINDA that she does her best to lengthen her life and to look younger. The diva is a fan of multivitamins and other wonder pills (chlorella, spirulina, omega-3....). 

Backstage video with Patty and Teun

Source: LINDA., Nu.nl, Mediacourant.nl.....

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