mardi 3 février 2015

Luv' photo book: new revelations

This photo won't be used for the front cover of "The Book of Luv"

Peter Boonstra (author of the long-awaited Luv' photo book - see news posted on November 12th, 2014) has revealed new details about his fabulous project. First, he has unveiled the title of his publication: "The Book of Luv".

José Hoebee and Marga Scheide have given Peter a helping hand. The ladies even took part in a photo shoot at the Wisseloord Studios (see news posted on January 30th, 2015). Facebook friend and professional photographer Herman Erik Kuiper (in association with Stephan Wijnen) supervised this session. These pictures will appear in the book and will also be used for promotional purposes. 

José & Marga at Wisseloord Studios

In addition to exclusive photos, the book will also include a CD. Here's the track listing:

1. My man
2. Dream, Dream
3. U.O.Me
4. You're the greatest lover
5. Trojan Horse
6. Casanova
7. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
8. Ooh, Yes I Do 
9. Ann-Maria 
10. One More Little Kissy 
11. My Number One 
12. Tingelingeling 
13. 3x3 = Disco (bonus track)
14. Life Is On My side (Matt Pop remix - bonus track)
15. Trojan Horse (Matt Pop remix - bonus track)

The compilation consists of twelve singles which came out during Luv's heyday (1977-1981). Moreover, highly acclaimed DJ/remixer/producer Matt Pop has remixed two Luv' tracks: "Trojan Horse" and "Life Is On My Side" (see news posted on January 17th, 2015). He has also written a short text for the book. The CD features another bonus track: "3X3 = Disco" (a disco medley of Dutch children's songs released in 1978).

Website about "The book of Luv": 

Source: Peter Boonstra

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