dimanche 25 janvier 2015

"Bananasplit" (featuring Patty Brard) draws 1.4 million viewers!!!

Patty Brard & Frans Bauer

Yesterday, Patty Brard appeared on AVROTROS/NPO 1's hidden camera show "Bananasplit" (hosted by Frans Bauer). The program drew 1.427.000 viewers (market share: 20.4%). It was the 5th most-watched TV show in the Netherlands on January 24th, according to SKO (Dutch audience measurement company).

In 2010, the diva was a victim of a prank. But this time things changed: she played tricks on innocent applicants for a job as "personal assistant". 

Click here to watch "Bananasplit".

Source: AVROTROS/NPO 1, SKO, Zappen.blog.nl

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