samedi 4 octobre 2014

Patty's 'Hippie Chic' wedding in celebrity gossip magazines

Patty Brard's 'hippie chic' wedding ceremony has generated publicity in the Netherlands. The latest issues of Dutch celebrity gossip magazines feature pictures of "Patty's big fat Ibiza wedding".

Article published in "Weekend"

Weekend magazine has even chosen a beautiful cover photo on its Facebook Page:

Story magazine has posted a video on its website. Click here to watch it. 

"Grazia" was also present at the wedding party and interviewed celebrities (including Bridget Maasland and Patricia Paay) who told their impressions. La Paay also talked about her relationship with La Brard:

Grazia at Patty's Ibiza ceremony

Patricia Paay on Patty Brard: "We respect each other"

Source: Martin Vink, Weekend, Story, Party, Grazia, YouTube

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