lundi 13 octobre 2014

"Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" suffers from competition

Gerard Joling married Patty Brard and Antoine van de Vijver in Ibiza

The eighth and final episode of "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" only attracted 211.000 viewers (market share: 2.9%) on October 10th. The weak performance of Miss Brard's reality show on SBS 6 is due to the tough competition with other TV channels: NPO 3's football match "Nederland Vs Kazakhstan" (2.441.000 viewers/market share: 32.4%), RTL 4's The Voice of Holland (2.002.000 viewers/market share: 26.5%) and NPO 1's Flikken Maastricht (1.652.000 viewers/market share: 22.2%) and NPO 2's 2 VOOR 12 (785.000 viewers/market share: 10.9%). 

Source: SBS 6, Stichting KijkOnderzoek,

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