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John and Linda de Mol victims of blackmail

Linda & John de Mol

The story of John and Linda de Mol being victims of blackmail has made front-page news since late September. 

Dutch police have investigated the attempted extortion of billionaire John de Mol, the producer who helped create television shows such as “The Voice” and “Big Brother”.

John de Mol’s sister, Linda de Mol, has also been threatened by one or more people. Linda is a presenter of game shows, appears as an actress in television series and also publishes a magazine.

De Mol became a billionaire after selling his 26 percent stake in Endemol to Telefonica SA, Spain’s largest telephone company, in 2000. He is a shareholder in several media and entertainment companies, including SBS Nederland.

There is an obvious link between the De Mol family and the Luv' ladies.

John produced two TV specials starring Luv': "Lots of Luv'" (TROS, 1979) and "This is True Luv'" (NCRV, 1980). Marga Scheide and him were romantically involved between 1980 and 1984. 

John de Mol & Marga Scheide

Marga Scheide, Willem Ruis and John de Mol

Some of Patty Brard's TV shows in the 2000s (Patty's Posse, Patty's Fort, Pat's Life) were produced by Endemol. Recently, "Bonje met de buren" (Trouble with the neighbours) and "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" have been supervised by De Mol's Talpa

In 2010, Patty was the guest on "Waar is de Mol?" a TV travel program hosted by Johnny de Mol (John's son) and taped in West Papua (where the diva was born). 

Patty Brard & Johnny de Mol on "Waar is de Mol?" (2010)

Miss Brard has also a special bond with Linda. She's been interviewed several times by the magazine "LINDA." and appeared earlier this year on RTL 4's program "Linda's Zomerweek" (see news posted on August 26th, 2014). 

Two years ago, José Hoebee evoked memories of her late husband, record producer Will Hoebee in "LINDA." mag (see news posted on September 24th, 2012). 

José Hoebee in "LINDA." (2012)

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