jeudi 25 septembre 2014

YouTube videos: Patty's Shownieuws colleagues in "Margriet"

The latest issue of Dutch women's magazine "Margriet" features Patty Brard as a guest editor-in-chief (see news on September 22nd, 2014). Two days ago, the diva posted on social networks a picture of herself holding the publication in her hands with Margriet's permanent editor-in-chief Leontien van den Bos:

Patty Brard & Leontien van den Bos

Pat's "Shownieuws" colleagues appear in this issue. Click here and here to watch YouTube videos of Kees Tol, Airen Mylene, Janice and Koos van Plateringen

Source: Margriet, YouTube, Patty Brard's Twitter account

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