mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Update: Pat's wedding (RTL Boulevard, Story, Weekend, Column, Facebook).

Patty Brard's wedding has been on the front pages of all the Dutch tabloids and a trending topic on social media since Monday (see previous posts). Here are the latest updates:

* An exclusive video of the wedding ceremony has been shown today on RTL Boulevard (the entertainement news show on RTL 4). Click here to watch it. 

* Another video has been posted on the website of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story". Click here to watch it. 

* Pat's wedding planer Robert Halewijn posted a couple a pics on his Facebook page:

Patty & Antoine with José Hoebee in the background

Guests at Pat's wedding including Gerard Joling and Viktor Brand

* Patty and Antoine appear on the cover of "Weekend" Magazine. The headline is "Patty's happiness overshadowed. Parents and daughter boycott her fourth wedding". 

* La Brard's latest column for "Weekend" is about her greatest LUVer and hubby: AntoineClick here to read it. 

Source: RTL Boulevard, RTL Nieuws, Story, Weekend, Facebook

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