lundi 22 septembre 2014

Patty: Guest editor-in-chief for "Margriet"

The September 26th issue of Dutch women's magazine "Margriet" features Patty Brard as a guest editor-in-chief. The TV personality has supervised several articles:

- Patty's letter to her deceased brother
- Patty's photo album
- From home spa to Buddah corner....welcome to Brard's house!
- Sport and food tips from her personal trainer
- 5 Asian dishes according to Patty's recipe
- Patty & Antoine about their relationship and their marriage
- What Shownieuws colleagues wear to Patty's wedding
- Mood swing, sleepless nights, hot flashes....
- Win a meet-and-greet with Patty

Click here to watch a YouTube video about Editor-in-chief Patty!

Source: Margriet

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