vendredi 18 juillet 2014

Patty about "Bonje met de Buren" on Radio 100% NL + article in 100% NL Magazine

Patty Brard was interviewed yesterday morning on Lex Gaarthuis' show "100% Wakker" on Radio 100% NL. The TV personality talked about her new program "Bonje met de Buren" (Trouble with the Neighbours). The new season of the reality show will premiere next month on SBS 6 (see news posted on July 12th, 2014). Patty and Jochem van Gelder host it. Natasja Froger and John Williams presented the previous seasons between 2010 and 2012 on RTL 4.

The diva underlined the differences between her version of the format and the previous editions hosted by Natasja. "I'm not talking bullshit to the candidates. I think Natasja showed more her emotions and sympathy for them...sometimes she went too far! The new season of "Bonje met de Buren" is different in terms of content. The plaintiff is the only one to be informed about the mediation and the other party doesn't know that we're coming," La Brard told. 

Click here to listen to the interview with Patty on 100% NL.

Moreover, the latest issue of 100%NL Magazine features an article about the former Luv' singer. The readers can take a look at her hectic life. 

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