vendredi 2 mai 2014

Patty & Antoine: a bigger wedding ceremony?

Last month, Patty Brard told on "Shownieuws" that she entered into negotiations with SBS 6 for a reality TV program about the wedding preparations with Antoine van de Vijver (see news posted on April 1st, 2014). In a recent interview published in Weekend magazine, the diva mentioned her marriage. The ceremony is scheduled for September 26th in Ibiza. "If SBS 6 wants to air the reality show, we'll have to organize a bigger party. It's logical because they have the capacity to plan a lot of things. Antoine and me don't have time for it. Within two weeks we should know more about this TV project. If the channel doesn't want to go on, then we'll have to consider other options," the former Luv' singer told. 

Patty is happy anyway. "We've received a one-week stay in a beautiful house as a present from friends. Maybe we'll go there with close friends and family," she added. 

The ceremony might take place in Amstelveen, NL where she lives. "A good friend of us has a restaurant next to the city hall. I would be satisfied if it happened that way."

Whatever they decide, Antoine and Patty will marry. 

Source: Weekend,

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