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My Interview with Lola Lee

A couple of years ago, as I was surfing the internet, I found a funny video: a Dutch drag queen called "Lola Lee" who covered Luv's Ooh, Yes I Do. The combination of Lola's deep voice and light dance/pop music was entertaining. Then, I became one of her Facebook friends. Lola really follows my FB page and often "likes" my posts. I would like to thank her for that. I was curious about her career and searched for information. I found out that Lola made her debut in the 1990s. TV performances, live shows, album and single releases.....She had it all!!!! Lola even scored several club hits on iTunes Dance Music Charts in Holland and abroad ("Ding Dong Song", "Just as long as I got you"....). One day I asked for an interview. And you know what? She accepted.... 

Ralph: What's your real name?

Lola: Wiely

Ralph: When and how did you make your debut?

Lola: In 1995 on the famous "Soundmixshow" as an "Amanda Lear" impersonator and I did it again in 1996 in Belgium.

Ralph: What's your favourite experience on stage and on TV?

Lola: Because I use my own voice, the mic is always open. So I love to interact with the audience. On TV...I did several things and several shows...but what I love the most, was the "Soundmixshow" because no one ever imitated Amanda Lear live. 

A photo montage: Lola Lee meets Amanda Lear

Ralph: Why did you cover Luv's Ooh Yes, I Do? Did you have remarks from the Luv' ladies?

Lola: In 2006, I recorded an album called "11". I wanted to perform songs which I liked over the years. I wanted to do a LUV' song. I had to choose a track which was suitable for my voice. So it became "Ooh yes, I do" which is very succesfull during my performances. Funny enough, in Sweden and Hungary , it is my best-selling song on i-Tunes. The only who responded to it was Patty Brard. She called it: "Amanda Lear meets Luv". By the way, during my shows, I usually end with "You're the greatest lover"...I announce it as THE national anthem! Always a success! 

Click here to watch Lola performing "Yes I Do".

Ralph:  Have you already met the Luv' singers? Who's your favourite Luv' member?

Lola: I met José during the release party of her "Best of" CD in 2005. All of a sudden, Patty came in with a TV crew. I got an autograph from both ladies.

Ralph: You sound like Amanda Lear. Have you met the diva?

Lola: I saw her twice, in Germany and Belgium. Unfortunately, Amanda never takes time to talk to her fans. When I did the "Soundmixshow" in 1995, she spoke to me through a video-message and wished me good luck.

Lola Lee's cover of Amanda Lear's Follow Me 

Ralph:  What's your latest project? 

Lola: I am into several kinds of projects and different styles of music. However, I am now recording a gay song called: "AS LONG AS IT'S LOVE". I never thought it would be necessary, but due to all the commotions in many countries where you are not allowed to be who you want to be...I wanted to make a little contribution with this song.

Ralph: What about your future projects?

Lola: I do what's coming on my way, as long as I enjoy it.

Ralph: You know I'm French. Do you know French chansons? Who's your favourite French singer or band?

Lola: Yes, of course, I know french songs and artists. I love chansons. I'm not fan of a French singer in particular but I love to listen to Dalida and the french songs which became hits in the Netherlands. For my dance-project, the latest release in a few days is called: "Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais". A few lyrics written by Serge Gainsbourg.

Ralph: Conchita Wurst won the latest Eurovision Song Contest. Do you think her victory has a political meaning?

Lola: I certainly hope so...she surely opened many, many "CLOSED" eyes..!! It's about time that everybody lives, his or her life, the way they want to be!!!!

Many THANKS to Lola Lee for making this interview possible!!!


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