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Lots of Luv': 35th Anniversary

Luv's second album, entitled "Lots of Luv'" entered the Dutch charts 35 years ago exactly. A masterpiece of pop music.  


In the second half of 1978, Luv' became a household name in Benelux, German-speaking countries, Denmark and South Africa thanks to the success of smash hits like "You're the Greatest Lover", "Trojan Horse" and the "With Luv'" album. 

On May 15th, 1979, the release party of their second album (entitled "Lots Of Luv'") took place at the Lido Club in Amsterdam. It coincided with great news: during the event, Actor Rijk de Gooyer gave the three Luv' singers platinum awards to celebrate the good sales of "Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse". 

A few weeks earlier, Phonogram/Philips records released the Top 10 single "Casanova" as a foretaste of the LP (see article posted on April 28th, 2014). Luv's producers and songwriters Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer had high expectations for the second opus. They achieved a real tour de force with this big-selling record. Their winning formula: catchy songs with Abbaesque arrangements (Money honey), melodies influenced by Boney M. (Eeny meeny miny moe), disco music (Saint Tropez, Shoes off), Spanish/Latin American music (CasanovaMarcellino), Europop (I.M.U.R, In the night of love), neo bubblegum pop (I like sugar candy kisses) and sounds inspired by the light-hearted retro music of the 1960s (Dandy). 


Claude Vanheye (who photographed the Who's who of Dutch pop and rock artists) took two beautiful pictures of the girls. The front cover photo shows the ladies as sexy cowgirls. On the back cover, they posed in sailor suits beside a shirtless marine flexing his muscles. 

Back cover of Lots of Luv'

Commercial response and chart performance 

As a manufactured pop group which targeted youngsters, Luv' were more successful on the singles chart than on the albums chart. Indeed, 7" singles were popular among teenagers in the 1970s. Lots of Luv' entered the Dutch charts on May 26th, 1979. It later peaked at #7 on the LP Top 50 and #4 on the Nationale Hitparade Top 50 in the Netherlands, #13 on the Austrian Alben Top 25, #11 on the Swiss Musikmarkt album chart and #8 on the Danish chart (BT Hitlisten). The LP reached the 39th position in Germany. The album eventually turned platinum in Holland (100.000 copies).

Press clippings

Track listing

A Side:
  • "Casanova" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:48
  • "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" (Janschen & Janschens) - 2:46
  • "DJ" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:20
  • "Shoes Off (Boots On)" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:07
  • "Marcellino" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:14
  • "Dandy" (Janschen & Janschens) - 2:46

B Side:
  • "The Night Of Love" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:32
  • "Money, Honey" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:16
  • "I.M.U.R" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:35
  • "I Like Sugar Candy Kisses" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:34
  • "If You Love Me" (Janschen & Janschens) - 2:34
  • "Saint Tropez" (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:04

Album credits


José Hoebee - vocals
Marga Scheide - vocals
Patty Brard - vocals

Additional personnel:
Ernö Olah & Metropole Orkest - strings

Producer: Hans van Hemert
Arranger/conductor: Piet Souer

Photography: Claude Vanheye
Design: Jan H. van Uden
Art Direction: Clouds Studio


Lots of Luv' came out in various editions.  
To know details about the release of this album: click here

Japanese pressing


In 2006, the album was digitally remastered by Universal Music as part of the "Completely In Luv'" CD box set with the same track listing and four bonus tracks:

  • "Trojan Horse" (Janschen & Janschens) – 3:24
  • "Casanova" (Spanish version) (Alfred Garrido, Janschen & Janschens) – 3:49
  • "Luv' Hitpack" (Janschen & Janschens) – 5:29                                                       Long version: Casanova/Life Is On My Side/U.O.Me/Casanova/You're The Greatest Lover/Life Is On My Side/Trojan Horse/Everybody's Shakin' Hands On Broadway/Casanova
  • "All You Need Is Luv' Jingle" (Janschen & Janschens) – 0:12

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Albumdossier 1969-1972 by Johan van Slooten, publ: Becht's Uitgevers

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