lundi 17 février 2014

Patty today in "De Telegraaf"

Today's edition of "De Telegraaf/Privé" (Holland's most popular newspaper) features an article about the Prima Donna....Patty Brard!!! On Valentine's day, Antoine van de Vijver asked for her hand in marriage live on TV (see news posted on February 16th, 2014). The two lovebirds would like to celebrate their wedding in September on a beach in Ibiza. However, Miss Brard didn't spend a romantic weekend after Antoine's proposal. 

"We had a party with my "Shownieuws" colleagues" late at night on Friday," Patty told De Telegraaf. "At 2.00 am I was back home. At 7.30 am I had to wake up because of the taping of "Bonje met de buren" (her latest TV project) with Jochem van Gelder. I was busy with that for two consecutive days. Well, that was my engagement weekend; arguments and death threats! So romantic", the diva joked. 

Indeed, "Bonje met de buren" is a SBS 6 program about solving long-term conflicts between neighbours. Everything but romance.

Source: Martin Vink, De Telegraaf, AD, RTL Nieuws....

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