dimanche 23 février 2014

Patty at "Ladies Night" (Profile Tyrecenter Merks)

Patty Brard will be a guest speaker at the "Ladies Night" organized by Profile Tyrecenter Merks in Velserbroek, NL on March 10th at 7.30 pm. The TV personality will discuss the maintenance of a car in a funny and glamourous way (how to replace a tyre, check the oil level....). After these useful tips, the ladies will be able to receive a range of beauty treatments from Kapsalon "Hair In". 

Info: click here

Patty loves cars. In 2007, she appeared on Veronica program "De Grote Beurt VIP" in which she pimped a "Mercury Grand Marquis U9" (nicknamed "Patmobile") and auctioned it for charity. She even pimped her own Smart (which got the same nickname). 

Mercury Grand Marquis U9 before the "pimping" process


Cherry Sue and Patty Brard with her own Patmobile (2007)

Source: Dichtbij.nl, Tijgerleathers.nl

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